Whole Foods

Evolving a Pioneer

Whole Foods Market was founded in 1980 based on the belief that where food comes from and how it’s grown, matters. With the opening of the first store, the founders started a movement — radically changing the way people thought about and shopped for food.

Today, with more than 350 stores and millions of customers, Whole Foods Market operates in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Office WholeFoodsMarket Logo Evolution

Building a flexible framework

Whole Foods Market asked Office to create a framework and tools to help the company more efficiently create cohesive and effective communications — in a way that's uniquely Whole Foods. We wanted to preserve the independent spirit and personality of each Whole Foods store — so rather than employing a cookie-cutter approach, we built flexibility and room for creative expression into the system.

We led visioning workshops and articulated Whole Foods' brand attributes. Aligned with those, we evolved the brand's visual system and developed comprehensive guidelines. This included updating the logo and creating a shorthand identifier, photography style, illustration style, fresh color palette, custom typography, pattern, packaging, signage and marketing concepts.

Office WholeFoodsMarket Branding - Lifestyle Photography
Office WholeFoodsMarket Custom Typeface
Office WholeFood Market GiftCard
Office WholeFoodsMarket Tote
Office WholeFoodsMarket Shopping Bag
Office understood what we needed and created something entirely useful. They brought clarity, and they provided lots of inspiring examples that our team can build on, creating strong communications that will lead to even better customer experiences.
Jeannine D’Addario, CMO, Whole Foods
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Office WholeFoodsMarket Website - Mobile
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Engaging passionate customers

The Whole Foods team wanted to personally engage the millions of shoppers who are passionate about the Whole Foods experience and who believe that values mean as much as value. They engaged Office to help concept a customer loyalty program.

The process started with workshops to determine the vision, strategy and program offerings that are uniquely Whole Foods. We developed innovative program benefits (beyond discounts) to emotionally engage shoppers. We then developed the program's visual identity, messaging, card, app/website visual design and marketing.

Office WholeFoodsMarket Rewards Postcards 2
Office WholeFoodsMarket Rewards CardHolder
Office WholeFoodsMarket Rewards Signage
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Project Scope

Brand strategy
Brand story
Messaging & brand voice
Visual identity system
Loyalty program development
Website visual design
Packaging concepts
Marketing concepts
Brand guidelines