Google Chrome

Simplifying an icon

As the world’s most popular Internet browser, Chrome has over 1 billion active users and more than 60 percent of the global market share. When Chrome expanded from a browser to an umbrella brand that encompasses all of Google’s web experience products, Google Creative Lab asked Office to redesign the brand’s identity.

Office collaborated with the Google team to develop a simple, iconic identity that embodies the Chrome experience of making the web faster and easier for all.

Office Google Chrome Logo - Single
Office Google Chrome Logo - Evolution

The new logo is based on the same interlocking forms and colors of the previous mark, but the Office team stripped down the glossy 3-D icon to reflect Chrome's super-simple, fast experience in a way that's light and modern. The logo was also designed to fit in with Google's family of products, and to adapt easily to a broad range of applications — from a PC menu dock, to notebook hardware, to TV spots. The mark’s flatter, simpler, more timeless style became the visual foundation of Google’s suite of product icons.

Office Google Chrome Logo Application - Keynote
Office Google Chrome Logo Application - Dock
Office Google Chrome Logo Application - Hardware

Project Scope

Visual identity