Sound Giants

Visualizing the power of sound

When Fred Coury (drummer for glam metal band Cinderella) and Danny Zollars (pro sports and entertainment producer) started a new sonic branding company, they asked Office to come up with the name and identity.

Fred and Danny have worked and rocked the biggest venues in sports and entertainment. They use the power of music and sound to create a brand’s distinctive voice — in a way that triggers emotions and even encourages behavior. This results in experiences that resonate with fans long after they leave their seats.

Office SoundGiants Branding
Office SoundGiants Wildposting

We named the company “Sound Giants” to communicate their big expertise and their aspiration to create massive, immersive experiences with their partners. This also comes through in the big, bold identity. We designed it to look and sound more like a rock band than a traditional marketing company.

Customization is at the heart of sonic branding, so the visual identity was designed to express this. A mix of imagery and visual styles represents the broad range of inspired solutions that Sound Giants creates for its clients. We approached this by creating visual representations of sound — reverberations, echoes, rhythm. This becomes the core of the visual system, across the Sound Giants website and marketing.

Office SoundGiants Branding Graphics - Tiger
Office SoundGiants Branding Graphics - Paint Underwater
Office SoundGiants Music Cover Art
Office SoundGiants Branding Graphics - Radio
Office SoundGiants Business Cards
Office SoundGiants Branding Graphics - Stadium
Office SoundGiants Icons Animation
If we look and sound more like a rock band than a marketing company, that’s a good thing. Office got that we’re not your usual marketing team. And beyond giving us our name and visual identity, they helped us imagine what we want to become.
Danny Zollars, Founder, Sound Giants
Office Sound Giants Branding Graphics - Sparklers
Office SoundGiants Branding Graphics - Dynamic Lines
Office SoundGiants Branding Graphics - Speaker
Office SoundGiants Pennants

Project Scope

Design strategy
Visual identity system
Website design & content
Collateral & swag