Project Dandelion

Seeding a Global Movement

We are on the cusp of a climate-safe world. But because we’re not moving fast enough to cut carbon emissions, the planet faces a catastrophic climate crisis.

Project Dandelion, a women-led global climate advocacy campaign, responds to this challenge with a message of hope. Founded by Connected Women Leaders and Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, the project aims to unite the climate community, NGOs, scientists, and the public to pressure leaders to do more, and with more urgency.

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Creating an iconic symbol

The team at social impact agency WRTHY developed the name, brand strategy and campaign, and brought Office on to help create Project Dandelion's visual identity.

We aimed to create an identity that reflects the bold nature of Project Dandelion’s work, including a logo that could become an iconic symbol for the global climate justice movement.

The logo represents the dandelion, a symbol of resilience, as it’s the only flower that blooms on every continent. Just as dandelions spread countless seeds, which then grow in the most challenging conditions, Project Dandelion’s goal is to seed a growing global movement. Logo animations reveal that the seeds also depict people, united behind the movement. The symbol sits comfortably in any culture, and works equally well on a protest placard, social media post, or brooch proudly worn by Project Dandelion leaders.

Office Project Dandelion Poster

Provoking unity and resolve

Bold typography, inspired by activism posters, is purposely loud, to provoke unity and resolve. The color palette, rooted in electric yellow and complemented by vibrant hues, amplifies Project Dandelion’s bold aspirations, evoking the strength and optimism needed to build a climate-safe world.

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The ambition of the Project Dandelion identity required conceptual rigor and a unique execution. Working with Office was a seamless partnership, grounded in trust and respect, that resulted in an ingenious mark that sits comfortably in any culture.
Jenifer Willig, Co-Founder and CEO, WRTHY
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Project Scope

Visual identity