Office Puffs BTS Hero
October 12, 2021

Puffs x Wee Society

When Puffs decided to partner with Wee Society on a special back-to-school collection, they asked Office to develop the designs. Wee Society’s playful personality comes through on the packaging, including a set of Wee-mojis, special “Gesundheit!” lettering and stacking shapes. Each pack encourages kids to transform empty boxes into something awesome — a piñata, puppet theater, monster feet.

Office had previously worked with the Puffs team to develop a strategic design vision for the brand, modernize the “puff” in the core identity, evolve the packaging architecture and define Puffs’ differentiated tone of voice. We also created a collection of artful Puffs box designs to fit into the homes of style-conscious customers.

Office Puffs BTS Sketches
Office Puffs BTS Dont Toss This Box
Office Puffs BTS Stack
Office Puffs Logo Evolution
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