Office Puffs Logo Hero
October 13, 2020

Modernizing an Icon

Known for its super-soft tissues and playful personality — “a nose in need deserves Puffs indeed” — Puffs has built a long-term affinity with customers. In an increasingly competitive category, the P&G Puffs team asked Office to develop a strategic design vision for the brand, and evolve key elements of the visual and packaging systems.

This included modernizing the “puff” in the core identity, simplifying the packaging architecture to stand out on shelf and make it easy to navigate the product tiers, and defining and amplifying Puffs’ differentiated tone of voice.

Office also created a collection of artful Puffs box designs — a chance to get out our paints and brushes — to fit into the homes of style-conscious customers.

Office Puffs Logo Evolution
Office Puffs Packaging Lifestyle
Office Puffs Packaging Architecture
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