Democratizing stock ownership

The stock market can be intimidating for new investors, with high brokerage fees and minimums, complicated processes, and confusing terminology.

Aiming to make stock ownership accessible to anyone, Stockpile is making it easier and more affordable than ever before. They’re the first to offer fractional shares in companies like Apple, Tesla, Disney, Facebook, Amazon and hundreds more. Office collaborated with the Stockpile team to attract the next generation of investors.

Office Stockpile Logo
Office Stockpile App Icon

The visual identity reflects the approachability of Stockpile’s mission, while maintaining the credibility that’s necessary for a financial brokerage.

We collaborated with the Stockpile team to relaunch their app – developing an experience strategy, and content and design approach that would engage new investors. After launching key elements of the experience, monthly active users and stock purchases increased dramatically.

Office Stockpile App 2

Office established Stockpile's content strategy focused on educating new investors — both kids and adults — about stock market basics. This work culminated in creating the workbook, A Rookie’s Guide to the Stock Market.

Office Stockpile Rookies Guide Lifestyle

Giving the gift of stock

Stockpile gift cards, available from retailers like Target and Safeway, drive brand awareness and provide a unique option for gift buyers. Inspired by the art of the classic stock certificate, Office designed Stockpile gift cards that feel special and covetable, and focus on the brands that recipients will now have the opportunity to own. We also designed fixtures to help tell Stockpile’s story in retail environments.

Office Stockpile GiftCards Line Up
Office Stockpile Business Cards

Project Scope

Brand strategy
Brand story
Brand Voice
Visual identity system
Content strategy
Product UX & design
Collateral & gift card design
Retail environment
Editorial design & content
Brand guidelines