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February 28, 2019

Woodland Creature Outfitters, Ltd. Opens in SF’s Mission Bay

If you’re an ogre, wood nymph, giant, or squirrel (flying or non), you’ll now be served in San Francisco.

Woodland Creature Outfitters, Ltd. is the latest strange storefront from 826 Valencia, along with a writing and tutoring center for youth in San Francisco’s developing Mission Bay neighborhood.

Office collaborated with 826 Valencia in developing the store’s weirdly imaginative concept, creature-based branding, a range of quirky products, packaging, signage, and unexpected customer experiences. The goal? "When kids walk through the door, we want to spark their imaginations,” said Jill Robertson, President, Office. "Weirdness is important. Kids get that. This place is unlike anything they’ve experienced — it’s about imagination, and self-expression, and making stuff. We want them to understand that weirdness — uniqueness — in ideas, writing, in people, is a good thing."

A few of the products include Centaur Mane Necklaces (plucked with care from enviable golden tresses); Woodland Wellness Supplements (such as Bravery Compound, now with even more toadstool); Fairly Well-Made and Moderately Attractive Fairy Doors (you find the tree, install is easy); and Pixie Dust Pans (Also useful for elf crumbs and unicorn hair. Ogre nail clippings? Don’t bother. Firefly droppings? Absolutely not.)

The 826 Valencia Mission Bay Center is part of the final phase of a 30-year redevelopment plan for San Francisco’s last frontier. Mission Bay shatters long-held misconceptions of what low-income neighborhoods look like. Here, low-income housing developments are indistinguishable from their market-rate neighbors. With parks, other public spaces and a future school, it’s designed to become San Francisco's most thoughtfully integrated neighborhood. The writing center will serve 1,000 under-resourced students from this diverse community.

Inspired by 826 Valencia’s positive impact in the community, Office is proud to continue its decade-long partnership with the organization, including the Pirate Supply Store, King Carl’s Emporium and Woodland Creature Outfitters, Ltd. This project was a collaboration with builders BCCI and architects WRNS Studio.

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