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September 20, 2022

Opening Doors to New Opportunities

Through Office's Create for Change initiative, we awarded New Door, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, pro bono creative services to support their efforts to help vulnerable young adults get ready for work and life.

Many of the young people ages 16-24 that New Door supports have no permanent connection to an adult in their lives, receive public assistance, and have been disconnected from high school at some point. Some have experienced homelessness or been involved in the child welfare system. Ninety-seven percent of New Door youth are people of color, impacted by institutional racism that creates additional barriers to economic opportunity. They’re at a higher risk to be unemployed, unhoused or incarcerated throughout their adult lives.

New Door is committed to connecting vulnerable youth to jobs, skills training, education and individualized coaching — to positively change the trajectory of their lives.

Office partnered with the team at New Door to create a new identity, visual system and brand guidelines that would reflect the heart of the organization's strategic vision. The door with stair steps signifies upward movement, and how the organization opens doors to new opportunities. The vibrant color palette exudes a sense of optimism and hope, while bold typography and messaging helps reinforce New Door's mission.

New Door has started incorporating the new branding in their fundraising work, and will be rolling it out on their website in coming months.

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