WS Change Case 2
May 16, 2022

Making Change

Change encourages kids to unleash their creativity to protect our planet. It’s the seventh journal in our collaboration with Wee Society, published by Clarkson Potter, a division of Penguin Random House.

As a learning tool disguised in fun, Change introduces hands-on activities and creative prompts to teach kids about climate change, and inspire them to take action. We hope you’ll pick up a copy from your favorite bookseller, and share it with a budding ecoactivist in your life.

WS Change Lifestyle

PHOTO: COURTESY OF Priscilla Gragg

WS Change Dust 2
WS Change Spread Shower 2
WS Change Spread Upcycle 2
WS Change Spread Cut The Waste 2
WS Change Spread Vampire 2
WS Change Spread Red Panda 2
WS Change Spread Bee 2
WS Change Spread Eco Thinking 2
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