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October 15, 2020

Expedia Helps Families Tap into a Vacation State of Mind

In the midst of the pandemic, Expedia recognized that families around the globe are looking for ways to spend quality time with their kids — and that many had to cancel or postpone their much-anticipated vacations.

They asked Office to create the Expedia Explorers Journal to help families tap into a vacation state of mind, from home. To resonate with a broad audience, no matter where they live, we focused on universal themes of sparking curiosity and strengthening family connections.

Creative prompts get kids to reflect on past trips, learn about destinations around the world, and dream about future travels. And a world landmark memory game provides a learning activity that inspires discussions. A distinctive illustration style, character and tone of voice brings out a playful side of the trusted Expedia brand.

The Expedia Explorers Journal is free to download and is available in 6 languages to date.

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