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February 27, 2019

Celebrating + Amplifying Youth Voices

The International Alliance of Youth Writing Centers was conceived by 826 Valencia co-founder Dave Eggers and leaders from writing labs from around the world, who share the belief that young people need places where they can write and be heard.

The organization defines its reason for being: "More than ever, we need safe spaces for young people, especially immigrants; spaces where they can learn and be welcomed — where their words are celebrated, not denigrated … There is no lever to power more accessible than the written word, and we are determined to give this power to as many young people around the world as possible."

The hope is that more like-minded youth writing centers open around the globe, and join this movement.

Hooked by the mission, Office worked with Dave (with whom we collaborated on the 826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store) to create an identity that represents the Alliance’s purpose, and becomes a badge of honor for each incredible organization that’s a member.

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