Office Flour And Water Wine Comm Arts
August 22, 2023

Flour + Water wines featured in Comm Arts

We’re thrilled that Flour + Water’s wines have been flying off the shelves. (They’re available to bring home from any of their restaurants.)

Communication Arts recently featured the packaging design in their publications. An excerpt from Office Executive Creative Director, Jason Schulte:

“[H]ouse wines have become a way to further express the restaurant brand and make a delicious wine that’s tailored to pair perfectly with the food. This was an opportunity to show customers, through design, the philosophy and unique personality of Flour + Water’s wine program.

The design is a modern, abstract take on noodles to play off the “pasta water” and “pasta sauce” names. The typography is purposefully straightforward; there’s no need to take away from the jokes … Taking cues from the growing natural wine category, we designed the labels to feel more like album covers than traditional wines.”

Photo: Courtesy of @daniellegadams

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