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November 07, 2019

Ayla Defines Brighter Beauty

Ayla is a highly curated clean beauty shop that demystifies the challenge of finding nontoxic beauty products that work for you. Their experts scour the globe to introduce the best brands, develop their own products where they identify particular needs, and provide unparalleled personalized advice to help their clients find what will work for them.

Inspired by Ayla's uniquely artful approach, Office worked with the team to evolve their brand identity and packaging system, and launch the new Ayla Sea Soak.

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A Distinctly California Product

Ayla founder Dara Kennedy became devoted to seaweed baths during the last couple of wildfire seasons in California, when she wanted to give her body a reset after days of breathing in the smoke-filled air — and found that seaweed baths provided the most purifying experience she could get at home.

Seaweed’s natural function is to filter out pollutants in the ocean, sweeping out excess acidity and CO2 in the water while supplying nutrients to sea life; similarly, in a hot bath, salt water helps seaweed coax out what your body needs to let go of and replace it with essential minerals. But sitting in a tub full of seaweed and dealing with cleanup was not ideal. So Kennedy created a treatment that was simple and potent, with sustainably harvested wild kelp from the Santa Cruz coastline and mineral rich sea salt from Big Sur. The result is Ayla Sea Soak, a distinctly California and deeply restorative experience that customers are calling “magical” and “how I feel after the hardest workout I have ever done, in a really great way.” A portion of sales go to Reef Check, a foundation helping ensure the ongoing health of California’s coastal ecosystems.

Office helped tell the product story through the packaging. And aligned with Ayla’s commitment to help protect the planet, each element of the plastic-free packaging is recyclable or compostable — and wherever possible, sourced, printed or made in the Golden State. You can learn more about Ayla Sea Soak here.

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