Office is a San Francisco-based creative studio that crafts strategies and designs experiences to make things better.



Our Beliefs

What We Do

We work with leading brands and emerging businesses to clarify their stories and create meaningful experiences that matter to people. This includes brand strategy, visual identities, packaging, advertising, digital experiences, communications and environments. We don’t have a singular, proprietary process; we adapt to the unique needs, work processes and internal cultures of each client. But we find the most successful (and fun) relationships are truly collaborative. And the very best work is created together. In 2014, Office was awarded the Smithsonian's Cooper Hewitt National Design Award to honor lasting achievement in American design and recognize excellence, innovation and enhancement of the quality of life. The Office team was honored by First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House.

Our Clients

Over the past 13 years, we’ve been fortunate to help build brands we believe in. Whether a global Fortune 100 company or Silicon Valley start-up, for us, it’s about the organization’s potential and the client’s courage to differentiate through design. Some of our partners, past and present, include:

Our Studio

Office is located in the vibrant and almost always sunny Mission District of San Francisco, in what used to be a window factory. Our team of experienced strategists, designers, writers and account directors are intensely curious and passionate about designing better experiences. Being a small studio keeps us collaborative, fast, flexible and creative. It helps us build close, long-term partnerships with our clients. And it allows our core leadership team to be involved in every project we take on.


Jill Robertson / President

Jill leads our strategy engagements and helps our clients make a positive impact. She gets excited about imaginative ideas, clarity and iced chai.

  • Used to be a speechwriter. Today she writes brand stories for her clients, and bedtime stories for her twin boys.
  • Co-founded Wee Society, a kids’ brand that aims to spark creativity and encourage kindness.
  • Was raised in rural Iowa (home to Albert, the world’s largest bull).
Jason Schulte / Founder & Creative Director

Jason helps our team create differentiated work that emotionally resonates with people.

  • Has received lots of design awards, including this one. Keeps them all in the bathroom.
  • Brings Elvis with him to work every day.
  • Grew up in Green Mountain, Iowa (where there’s no mountain).
Rob Alexander / Creative Director

Rob subscribes to Dieter Rams’ mantra, “less, but better.” He starts with a million ideas, then relentlessly edits to find the simplest way to tell the client’s story.

  • Favorite pirate-related project (so far).
  • Dad to Finn, who is also a crazy-talented illustrator.
  • Never, ever gets flustered. No matter how hard we try.
Emily Bolls / Strategist

Emily has 15+ years experience developing consumer-inspired marketing and communications strategies. Clients appreciate her clarity, candor and ability to lead productive discussions in record time.

  • Started her career as a writer and editor for business and tech magazines.
  • As stroke seat on her crew team, she set the pace and rhythm for the boat. Same goes for her projects.
  • Awarded “most fun to be around” in her 8th grade yearbook.
Cindy Wu / Operations & Account Director

Cindy makes sure we get things done. She completely gets the creative process. And she never, ever misses a deadline.

  • Leads large-scale global projects for P&G, PepsiCo and others.
  • Does obstacle racing.
  • Passionate about organization, clarity and snacks.
Reva Parness / Account Director

Reva has more than 13 years experience exceeding her clients’ expectations. Don’t be fooled by her relaxed vibe – she never misses a detail.

  • Has led Office’s engagements with Whole Foods, Google, Fisher-Price and 826 Valencia.
  • Into interior design, photography and tillandsias.
  • Grew up in Los Angeles, where she may or may not have worked as the personal assistant to Mrs G. from The Facts of Life.


826 Valencia Tenderloin Center Opens

Today, iconic nonprofit 826 Valencia is opening a second San Francisco location that will bring tutoring, writing, and publishing programs to thousands of kids in the city’s Tenderloin neighborhood.

A safe, inspiring place for kids, the center is fronted by King Carl’s Emporium — a store where Carl, a word-traveling pufferfish, sells his wares to explorers and navigators of all kinds and from all lands. According to window signage: “If you are an elf, gnome, unicorn, ogre, lumberjack, etc., you will be served here. Also welcome are kraken/giant squid, leviathan, whale people and sea monkeys."

Over the past year, the Office team partnered with 826 Valencia pro bono to develop the store’s visual identity, customer experiences, products, packaging and exterior design.

“The magic of 826 is sparking kids’ imaginations with a unique experience that’s surprisingly, decidedly weird,” says Jill Robertson, president, Office. “We love weird. If you can use it to connect with kids — get them interested and engaged — the creativity catches on. And that hopefully comes through in their writing."

The imaginative experience starts before kids walk in the door. For the building exterior, Office created a larger-than-life sea creature mural, as well as window signage that describes what’s inside and what’s not.

When kids enter the emporium, they’re given a scavenger hunt — to discover stuff like unicorn horn polish, an ogre thumbprint, stilts for tiny creatures, and a doubloon (or two). King Carl no longer provides astrology readings; however, customers are invited to "take a fortune” (available at the front desk), as long as they write and leave a fortune for the next person.

Office invited 826 Valencia students to answer writing prompts, like “There’s a sea monster under your bed. Why?” Then the team turned the kids’ ideas into illustrated posters that are displayed in the windows, and postcards that are sold in the store.

Proceeds from the sales of all products fund 826 Valencia’s free writing programs for kids.

The Office team has collaborated with the amazing folks at 826 Valencia since 2008, including the Pirate Supply Store and Bigfoot Art Show benefit.

826 Valencia Tenderloin Center Opens - Visit Office